Summer Outing 3

Mon 6 Aug 2018 7:00pm

Please read Bulletin

St George's Church
Audley Road
CT20 3QA


Any update on this please?

Graham please read Simons update on the ballerina...

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Fri 27 Jul 2018 10:38am


Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for your magnificent response. That said we have 8 actual YES replies and the economics require us to get 12 acceptances before we can go ahead.

We can make the 12 acceptances but we have to combine with the Dynamic Range group – some of you are members.

I’m sure other DR members would be interested in this shoot but as yet I have not invited them to join in.

I therefore propose to be ruthless and put this event on hold until we have invited Dynamic Range members to join in and then come back to you all with some dates in September.

We would run this over a day with three groups of four people in two hour sessions – our ballerina has asked that no more than four people are shooting during any one session. We will take it in turns during the sessions so that all participants get a good go and shots.

I apologise for being ruthless but we must be in a position to cover costs and ensure we have twelve people who can make the actual date. I will be back to you all with news as soon as I have spoken to our esteemed President re contacting DR members.

In the meantime please note:-

Mary G’s comment about the East Kent steam rally at  Woodchurch:

Also this Saturday and Sunday there are horse trials at Chilham Castle/Park – entry £10. I would recommend the Sunday as this will include the senior riders ie. bigger horses and X country jumps etc.  

The Esteemed is steaming in the heat!  Sorry have had visitors and not paying attention.  Add me to the Ballerina list but can't do August but can do September although not all dates.  Am happy to publicise on DR and can put on FCC FB page as not everyone follows up on Bulletins. Let me know what you need me to do.

I didn't even realise a FCC FB page existed!! Not that I use FB much anyway!

Submitted by eric-young on Sat 28 Jul 2018 10:18pm

Not a secret but you need to ask to be added.I don't force it on people because lots dislike FB!

Ah well Melanie....ponder, if you will, the reason FB lost $119 billion of its value last Thursday.

I am more into Whatsapp now, much more private but a good way to contact people, even a group of people.  We could give it a try for FCC?

Yes I do use Whatsapp .  I deleted my FB page in the end as I had a sort of ghost page that came up instead of the real one and I was quite unable to unscramble it even with help from a prolific user.  As much as it's possible to delete FB! - I don't think they ever let go of you once you have handed them any details, too profitable...  

Mary They claim to keep all your information for 90 days - after you have deleted -but if you visit any part of FB as a guest during that period they hold on to your details from the date of your last visit! Yep WApp good but also owned by FB!