Theory Session 3 "DEPTH of FIELD"

Wed 28 Nov 2018 7:30pm

This evening we will explore and explain Depth of Field. Add depth to or isolate your subject. Create the effect in camera, take a look at lenses and camera models their strengths and weaknesses.

Practical photoshoot as soon as possible TBC

Session commences 7:30, Doors open 7pm. Please use rear entrance. Parking is free after 6  Castle Road Car park.

Sandgate Library
Sandgate High Street
CT20 3RR


Many thanks, yet again, to Tom & Andy, yet another helpful, informative and enjoyable instructive evening. Thank you 

Thank You Ashley

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 29 Nov 2018 9:47am




I’ll 2nd that Ashley :-)

Sorry to only manage to see first half!

The second half was a brilliant performance Julie........LOL

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 29 Nov 2018 10:24am

I agree with Ashley ...  :-) x 4 !

LOL very funny Tom  :-)